I just had this message when it was still fresh. Nothing fantastic, but nothing like that happened to me before. who runs a small business and this time of year I take from several customers for Christmas dinner. Today I have a group of 8, 7 ??men and 1 woman at a restaurant in Colchester. The woman must be 50 years and is the factotum of the 7 guys in the office. visited the boys in his office quite regularly, and my only contact with this lady is, if they know that if I want coffee, you ask. She is quiet and totally discreet. Today N have agreed to meet in a pub in a pre -breakfast- lunch and I was amazed at the transformation of this lady. She was dressed and looked very very fuckable. How they had managed to hide their beautiful tits in front of me for 3 years, do not know. Anyway, as luck would have it, I was sitting next to the restaurant for the first time I had a real conversation with her. Halfway through the meal I could feel his hand go, my thigh under the pretext of tablecloth. At first I thought it was an accident and did not respond. But while we are on the menu fresh, she put her hand on my thigh directly wait and then went over my groin lightly brushed my cock. I looked at her, but she was talking to one of their male counterparts in the table. If the dessert menu arrived, four of us did not want rockettube to, you and I also just ordered coffee. I could not believe what happened next. Quietly and without causing any problem, put his hand under the tablecloth again and this time it starts to rub my cock through my pants. As you can imagine, I have a rage hard to try to concentrate on the conversation with one of their leaders did. Now we must have, because before I decompressed with ease, freeing my throbbing cock. Then just tickled under the helmet and I felt my balls pull. He wore it for a moment and the feeling was electric. It was as if my penis has ticksled to a dock. rockettube Then, without hesitation, while having a conversation at the table, took my penis in his hand and rampant pulled me experts. Never been in that situation, but as you know, the guys cock has no moral standing. If someone had said that this would happen have questioned me I have an erection, (fear of being discovered, etc) but I say at this point I do not give a shit. to avoid the obvious what he wanted, he was masturbating slowly, and took several minutes to reach the point of no return. When that time came I felt a wave of rockettube ecstasy and shot my cream on the restaurant floor under the table. She took to rockettube masturbate until I come to the last drop and then maneuvered back on my horse and me zip. We left the restaurant shortly after, and we parted. I shook hands with the boys and gave her a kiss on the cheek. This may be the rockettube end of the story, but obviously I have to follow. If something happenss going to keep writing good roll heaven
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